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September 26, 2005



It may be antiquated and divisive to out people and this one seems particularly pointless, but I still don't understand why anyone would want to a be a member of a party that goes out of its way to make gay people unwelcome. Turning their backs on Rep. Kolbe at the 2000 convention, courting support from religious fundamentalists who oppose even basic partnership rights if not our existence in general, the FMA, etc, etc, etc.

I'm a moderate guy, but until the Republicans actually make us welcome in their party, I'm going to have to keep voting Democrat and Libertarian.

chandler in hollywood

A Gay Jewish Republican Eagle Scout.
Isn't that GayPatriot West?
Should Dan have problems with being out?
Someone should tell him.

The Malcontent

LOL -- he'll have your hide for that one!

Zack: For those of us who are supporters of gay rights, but who also feel strongly about other issues, neither party has made us feel exactly at home.


It may be time for reverse psychology, Malcon. Perhaps you can start a feature dedicated to Mike Rogers -- he who has no life -- outing straight Democrats! ;)


Great post! MikeRogers and the GayLeft are doing more to destroy and divide our community than anything or anyone yet to date. And in the process, they hurt whatever rehabilitated image we enjoy as the excess and memories of GayPrideFloat images fade from the general public's collective mind.

We need to rid ourselves of the GayLeft and call them what they really are: democrat activists with fake concern for our community's issues.


Um, last week Rove called Dobson to sell Harriet. And Dobson, by his own admission, is a mortal enemy of gay rights. So to spell it out for you: Republicans at the highest levels are working against gay rights.

I repeat: Republicans at the highest levels are working against gay rights.

So why should you imagine that voting for Republicans does anything other than retard gay rights?

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