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November 09, 2005


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North Dallas Thirty

File it away with the Democrats' insistence that anyone who makes money in the stock market is a crook who steals from workers combined with their support of Wall Street billionaire Corzine.


I am starting to think that Gay Republicans make a lot of sense--because y'all seem to be such drama queens.

Find me a quote of a single, elected Democrat using the word "crook" when speaking of the average investor? Or any investor not charged with a crime.

Mal--read up. Ameriquest gives plenty of money to Dems, so it's not sour grapes.

The Malcontent

I'm not sure I follow your logic, leftybrian. I didn't use the word "crook" anywhere in my post. And I was not discussing "investors."

It is clear from the multitude of supporting links I provided that Democrats are holding up Arnall because of Ameriquest's allegedly "predatory" lending practices. My point is that one man's "predatory" practice is another's opportunity to own a home and build equity.

In terms of political contributions, perhaps you are the one who could share some supporting links. First of all, I was talking about the Arnalls' personal giving, not the spending by the Ameriquest PAC, but now that you mention it, the PAC spending is overwhelmingly right-leaning too.

As for the Arnalls, they have given to some local Democratic candidates (searchable at tray.com), but again, the vast majority of their money went to Republicans. They are even "Pioneers" for Bush, for crying out loud, and gave $10 million to a GOP 527 group -- dwarfing the totality of their contributions to individual candidates.

So I don't think it's quite so easy to dismiss "sour grapes" as a motive. But either way, the acknowledged motive is still awfully petty. The guy is up for an ambassadorship, not the Secretary of HUD.

The Malcontent

Lefty, I see you were reacting to NDT on the "crook" thing. My apologies.

I will let NDT defend his own statement, but I think it is true that Democrats and the left have gotten a lot of mileage out of demonizing corporations in general and people who invest. In the political realm, a Democrat cannot see a company without automatically linking it somehow to "Enron" or "Halliburton" in voters' minds. It's despicable, really.

North Dallas Thirty

Find me a quote of a single, elected Democrat using the word "crook" when speaking of the average investor? Or any investor not charged with a crime.

I didn't say "average investor"; I said "anyone who makes money in the stock market". Your statement is merely an attempt to parse and protect the elected Democrats who, at rallies like these, say that Wall Street is just out to steal peoples' retirement money.

But, as for what Democrats do think of the average investor, the answer is "moron who should be punished with higher taxes".


Give me a break on Arnall. Do you read newspapers? Three fourths of all attorney generals in the country want this man and Ameriquest out of their state. They have been called the most fraudulent company in America. They lead the nation in every negative category that can be tracked. By the way, they sell most of their loans and it is those people who end up getting screwed.


In my opinion all lenders are shylocks and greedy. Why don't you explain to me how they aren't. I'm up for a good laugh. What is it with you Republicans thinking that you shouldn't have to work for a living. Thats something somebody else does to make you wealthy. I think most of the people in the world are getting a little pissed off that most of the wealth in the world resides with a bunch of lazy exploitative greedy pigs.

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