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December 20, 2005


North Dallas Thirty

I hope you ran over a few pedestrians to at least make yourself feel better (cue bike music from The Wizard of Oz).


I almost got hit by a reckless Mercedes!

North Dallas Thirty

Well, you know what they say...."If you gotta go, at least get killed with style."

That, and remember....people who get hit by Kia Rios leave no lawsuit money to their spouse.....


you're going to hate me. I flew into the city on the empty streets leading down the river to the Lincoln Tunnel in NJ this morning. The tunnel itself was an empty wasteland and my little bus zipped through easier than it ever has before. I walked briskly for about ten blocks to media gulch. I made it to work in about 25 min, record time for rush hour.

Jersey doesn't look so bad right now, does it? ;)


Forgive my Manhattan-centric ignorance, but: What bus?


Not necessarily a "commuting nightmare", but I have been forced to stay in Dirrty Jerz with a friend so I can take the PATH into Manhattan. If that wasn't bad enough, we too ran into some slut-ho in a Mercedes who was bitching about us "cutting in front of her" to park his car.

She's dead now.

But being that it's Jersey, I wouldn't be suprised to see her zombie corpse rising from underneath the parking lot to seek its vengence.



i stopped pole-grabbing years ago, Mal. I ride to work on a cushy airplane-style NJ Transit bus, with a reclining seat, reading light and personal climate control. all that's missing is the drink cart.

Queer Conservative

Should you blame the MTA or the TWU?


it's really freezing today and
the cabs are chargiong $10 per person to go 10 blocks. and they cram as many as five people into the car. gouging.
we can thank the mayor for this one.

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