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December 09, 2005



Well, the ad is for a place in, ahem, Queens.

On another note, as someone who once had an internship where I had to edit these types of commercials, I know that there is some guy out there who had to watch this thing 300 times while packaging it in the editing room. Did nothing remotely occur to him during this process?


Everytime this commercial runs during the morning news my boyfriend and I spit coffee all over the duvet. "Oh my God," I say, "I hope they're cousins or something!"


I'm telling you, it's this guy:



Wow... I'd never have guessed that that woman was a drag queen!


I don't get it.


I don't get it either.


Well, I would guess what is wrong is that his wife is not sitting next to him in the commercial. (He is obviously still at work.)

Cindy Brady (aka "thi'ndy")

You guysss, I didn't notithss anything unuthual either! Maybe I ssshould ath'k my Dad.

Yum Yum

Nothing seems to be wrong.

Yum Yum

Oh, I get it. Now, watch Mike Rogers go "report" on this self-hating closet case.

chad g.

Besides the closet case sitting next to basket case, there's that SCARY blonde woman, sitting there smiling tightly and trying to flash ALL 32 of her pearly whites. It always frightens me when people show all of their teeth when talking/smiling. It gives off a (as Debra Messing said on an episode of 'Will and Grace') "Town&Country lockjaw bitch" vibe... but I digress...

chad g.

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