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December 03, 2005



Though it is a certainty that the economy will sooner or later slow / decline, I don't recall haedlines like this during the Clinton administration. Does anyone remember all the pronouncements of "We've conquered the economic cycle". I'll bet you could dig up plenty of Krugman pieces fauning over the 2000 economy even as it was faltering.


The NYT article should have been titled "Every Silver Lining has a Cloud".


Yes, Adam Smith was right? Surprise? No! So why did the Republicans, supposedly the party of free markets, decide to subsidize the oil industry? That's NOT free markets! I guess if your buddies are oilmen, and your sidekick is former CEO of Halliburton (with Billions of no-bid contracts), you reach out to your friends. And when people complain, GWB's Justice Department just averts its head.

North Dallas Thirty

Stephen, you've made this accusation here and elsewhere; like there, I simply ask you to provide links.


crotalii suine
crotalii suine

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