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January 26, 2006


Craig Ranapia

Just to play devil's advocate for a moment, of course it's a bloody good thing to have a large pool of applicants for a position - especially in retail where you're doing well not to be stuck with a shortlist of surly school children who are functionally illiterate, have no detectable work ethic and "people skills" to make Marilyn Manson look like Doris Day on speed.

Still, doing the happy dance at the thought of high unemployment really needs to cut out of the community relations handbooks at WalMart HQ.

Yum Yum

Some of what you call the national "zeitgeist" against Walmart is justified. In many places, Walmart obtains land for its supercenters by getting the local government to use eminent domain to seize land from individual owners.

I don't see why capitalists should champion Walmart when the company undermines the very principle that makes the free market possible -- the right to private property.


Oh, there is plenty to be said against Wal-Mart. I'm not going to talk about what a great, wonderful company it is. I worked for a Sam's Club when I was a teenager in college, and I hated every breathed second of it.

But, I think politicians, local ones especially, should take Wal-Mart or any other enterprise on a case by case basis, with the best interests of their community always foremost in their minds.

The politicians in this case didn't do that, and now they realize they basically just screwed themselves and their constituents.

Craig Ranapia

And I don't know what it's like in the US, but it would be nice if the local politicians who extol small businesses when they want to crap on WallMart et. al. weren't so often the same people who've never seen a tax hike or costly regulation they didn't like.


They pay slave wages, and get lots of tax breaks and corporate subsidies. Not to mention the land grabs. But they make massive profits. Good for them.

But what do the poorly paid Wal Mart employees do when they can't make ends meet? Why, they go to the government, where they get all their health care paid for, subsidized housing, food stamps, school lunches, and so on.

Bad for the American taxpayer. But do we hear about this? No, cause they've got our legislators in their pocket.

But, hey, I hear their shit is really cheap, so rah rah Walmart.

In another age, it would be called a racket. It's a rather devious way of growing the nanny government. And the dumb analysis always stops at, hey, there are lots of people out of work. Of course there are. All the better to keep em hungry.


But they make massive profits
Actually WalMart has a very puny profit margin.

But what do the poorly paid Wal Mart employees do when they can't make ends meet
What would they do if they didn't have that job?

gsg rifles

I didn't expect it to happen. But anything is always possible.

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