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February 21, 2006



I think the book is still in the works and not yet close to publication, so it probably isn't cross promotion.


Ah, you are correct. Amazon says the book is set to be released on June 6th. I was working off the Jossip post about Anderon's comments on his blog.

I admit that I didn't pay a great deal of attention to the show after the first twenty minutes, so I'm uncertain whether or not his book is mentioned. I should probably go back and check.


You give Al Reynolds credit as "nominally hetero"?


Well, he sleeps with Star Jones. I imagine some strip of deeply buried heterosexuality has to lay sedentary within his pink, pink soul in order to go through with something as wretched as that.


Now that's it. You nailed it. Misery is just an opporturnity for a book deal. In the beginning (back when he first started on CNN), Anderson Vanderbilt fooled me too. I thought that he was truly different and refreshing. It all quickly wore thin and what are we left with? Ryan Seacrest with a chock of white hair and a furrowed brow. They're virtually interchangeable, like 2 peas in a pod or - yes, here it comes - 2 gays in a clawset.


...Uh, not to mention the Conair-ed crossed-over bangs on Ms. Anderson...WTF??? And why were he and Oprah sitting outside broadcasting on a drab, windy, chilly looking day in the middle of nowhere?? I thought that rather odd.


Strange. I thought Anderson's reportage of Katrina was the most equipoised of all networks. I remember Shepard Smith on Faux going into hysterics (perhaps justified) as a body floated by.

Reflecting six months later on the news coverage of Katrina, I am actually rather surprised at how accurate most of it was on all networks.

Even clearer, though, was the gross incompetence of nearly everyone -- from mayor, governor, to president. But Michael Brown, the FEMA director, was clearly the stupidist bureaucrat, period. Responding six days later is bad enough, but turning away desparately needed help (including the Red Cross) for inexplicable reasons, has to be the height of the nightmare.

The biggest joke, if one can anything funny about Katrina, was GWB's praise of Brown. Either the dots as usual did not connect, or an assumption was made to "image" over the fiasco. Either way, the incompetence borders on malfeasance.

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