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April 20, 2006



hey, just wanted to let you know that Soulforce are in Chicago and will be engaging in a debate at Wheaton College tonight from 7pm to 9pm. they've just rolled into town, actually---Wheaton College has been kind enough to provide them a table in the Student Resource center where they should be hanging out this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

i plan on being there tonight to support them. i remembered you were in chicago too---i think---and if you are, i thought you'd like to know so you can spread the word if you're so inclined.

thanks. :)


So sorry -- you feel better, you hear:)


Sorry to hear about the loss of one of the horde. I had GD's growing up and they have a lot of medical issues for such an imposing breed. I hope you feel better soon.


You will ultimately recover, Robbie. The loss of the dane is truly sad at such a young age.

I've been so fortunate with dogs over the years. I've had my older dog (husky/red wolf) for sixteen years, since she was born. My younger dog (golden/chow/rott/mutt) is eleven years old, and I have had her since birth as well.

Fair winds and following seas to the pooch.

North Dallas Thirty

I've had a question ever since that posting....has Mama Dane ever let another male dog NEAR her? Twelve pups later.....

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