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April 07, 2006



Hot DAYAMN I'm moving to France!! Oh wait, my peops don't fare too well there 'ither. Damn.


I have some French friends of African descent (particularly Josie and Andry, who I used to work with). I don't recall them ever bemoaning the racial climate of their country. I mean, there are issues in that country, but it's a great place to live.

You should take a trip to France and find out for yourself.


I'm speaking of Afro-European homosexual men in particular, are you?
If so, I've been informed of quite a different story than you.


Be that as it may, you should still visit the country for some first hand experience. I highly doubt the situation there is any worse than it is for you in Texas...


Well I know better. And never you worry about my well rooted and well understood situation here where I reside. But thanx for your sincerest, (I'm sure), of relocation recommendations. Though an actual visit is certainly not out of the question, after things die down a bit there of course.


Louis- I wasn't suggesting you move there permanently. I was talking about a trip/vacation/visit or whatever. France is one of my favorite places in the world, esp. the south.


Send a ticket my way and we'll vacation in the south of France together then shall we?

French Poodle

Hey Louis, are all "Afro-European homosexual men" as annoyingly whiney as you?

"Whaaah! I'm black! I'm gay! Everyone bow down and kiss my ass!! I'm not really a racist, I just play one on the internet! Whaaah!"

I'm trying to decide if you're a better argument for abortion or gay bashing. C'est la vie!


Um, whatever gave you the impression that I have the cash, big guy? I used to work for a French company and would have to go to France 3 or 4 times a year, hence the French friends I now have. Since leaving the company, I've yet to return. All due to cashflow...

When in Cannes, please visit Le Disco 7!!!


Sounds like the dream job to me. I'm assuming you either got laid off or married.


If it were a dream job, you think I'd have left? P.S. Gays can't get married. At least that's the excuse my man uses.


Mal would postscript differently.


BTW, hi there frechpuddle!! I wouldn't want you to think that you were being ignored or anything in light of that manic, nonsensical posting of yours.


I think louis is hilarious.


Hmm... the subtitles seem translated wrong. I'd translate "Bonne nouveau, Chris et Daniel eu rapport protege" as "The good news is, Chris and Daniel used proper protection"



Oh I agree completely: your video clips are very high quality AND they load faster than many of YouTube's. I'm here every day and I'm very grateful for your site.

Just one thing though...who are you? LOL I love your site, but I'm still wondering who's behind it. A man? A woman? Gay? Straight? Someone wanna tell me?


Ouch! Color me stupid - I found the "about us" link and now I know.


Psychotic Furby is right, though... is that a PSA for protected sex, or against the mile high club? The English makes it strongly against unprotected sex, but the French is... well, more ambiguous to say the least.


wasn't sure where to post this but just wanted to say ....GO TRIBE !!! ;-)
Even though your boi is Hot we hated to leave town winning 2 out of 3. would have rather had a sweep, LOL hope its a fun season for the sox and the indians


Hot DAYUM!!!!


Great video. I lived in Paris and did not find descrimination at all. In fact one of the guys that lived in my building worked as a transvestite in the club "Elle et Lui". A lot of fun. Of course gay or straight french men think themselves as the best lovers in the world. They are not bad but I found spaniards bigger where it counts and as hot. Italians rate high also. In truth hot, hung men exist everywhere. Thank God.

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