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May 13, 2006



Sadly, Passions caved to PETA & got rid of Precious, the scene-stealing chimp that psycho Beth hired as a geriatric nurse for her incontinent mother, after the previous nurse blabbed Beth's secrets. The humorless Center for Nurses Advocacy wasn't amused either


Kinda looks like a buff version of Pete Sampras.

J Kevin

Men like that just don't exist in nature. Working out, diet, pilates...bullshit say I. They're manufactured. There's a factory in Hollywood just crancking them out by the dozen...



are u fat and overweight?

J Kevin

Well, I'm not a soap opera star... but for the real world I'm a'ight!

Jenny, are you on your fourth attempt at weight watchers and fifth attempt at haagendaz hoping someone from "Passions" is gonna forklift sweep you off your feet?


Hmm...bit of a cat-fight in here. At any rate, as long as the guy keeps his mouth shut -- or rather keeps his voice quiet -- I'm more than happy to make his acquaintance. :)

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