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May 03, 2006



Just my two cents: we've had a nice homo-educational run with all the lovely gay bits and your hard work has been most appreciated in that right, but it's run its course. :)


I thought it was a nice way to set us apart from the 2,750 other sites out there that show male flesh every morning.


wait, can i vote against the Gay Day and FOR more male flesh?


Famous Author Rob Byrnes

I say keep it. On those rare days when I'm not in the mood, I have one of those newfangled mouse thingies that allow me to zip right past it.

Of course, now that I've voted I see that the vote is dead-even. I hate these nail-biters. Now I'll be up all night watching the returns roll in...


Can we get a poll on how people pronounce "fracas"?


Who cannot benefit from learning (or being reminded) that this was going on in the Gay 90's:

1996 - The Raleigh, North Carolina state board of education passed a sex-education curriculum that requires teachers to tell students that homosexual acts are against the law.

North Dallas Thirty

Frah - cas. Rhymes with "Caracas" and "raucous".


Just before you posted about the "gay day" feature today, I had started composing a comment here asking you to drop the feature. I come here looking for original content. The "gay day" feature is something I have to scroll past to get to the good stuff. I ultimately decided not to post my comment, figuring that readers can vote with their feet. But now that you've asked for feedback, here it is: no more "gay day" posts -- please!


I think the gay day feature is fine. The problem is that it is lengthy. If you could get a more condensed format I think it would be better.


Anon: But you did post a comment, here, which is one of the reasons I posted the poll.

Queer Conservative

Can we get a poll on how people pronounce "fracas"?

With a short ă - frăcas


When I typed it, I was thinking "FRAY-kiss."

North Dallas Thirty

(preparing to chain himself to Gay Day feature)

Famous Author Rob Byrnes

Exactly. FRAY-kiss. Mal wins. Which, since it's his blog, he would anyway.


A FRAY-kiss sounds like one raggady-ass smootch; everyone knows its fra-cus - with an a as in laugh


> Malcontent: >> Anon: But you did post a comment, here, which is one of the reasons I posted the poll.

Uh, I thought I abandoned that comment before posting it. My short-term memory is apparently limited to about an hour.

Tommy's comment that we can benefit from learning about gay history was enlightening. Kind of like we're all in favor of mass transit to get cars off the road -- other people's cars, that is. I wonder if people really read the Gay Days feature, or whether they just like the idea that other people might. Maybe it's the way it's formatted, but to me, it just cries out for skim/skip/scroll over.

If you decide to keep the feature, consider just picking one historical tidbit and elaborate on it yourself ... why you find it significant or how it relates to something in the news recently or in your life. Make it personal. And if it doesn't speak to you, then it probably doesn't belong here in the first place.

Thanks for a great blog, you guys!


Oh yay, and Mal, a poll is hardly fair since American's HATE history.


I always pronounce it fruh-KAH, as if I were speaking French, but only for amusement value.


Mal, I love the gay day feature, particularly since it is not strictly limited to gay history. It does get somewhat lengthy, but honestly, I hadn't noticed until someone else commented as such.

I may join NDT in chaining myself to the feature.

If you kill it, I may steal it and post a derivative on my blog. Although, I would rename the feature (gay day would be somewhat awkward on a straight blog, I suppose), and baseball would sure be more prominently featured.


I meant *surely*

I must proofread before I post.
I must proofread before I post.
I must proofread before I post.
I must proofr...


Re: creating polls within Typepad. I know a way. I learned how from a book known as "Hacking Movable Type". MT is the same as Typepad, so it should work.

You have to create a second blog dedicated to polls(not the individual poll). In that poll blog, you have to change the stylesheet and HTML and PHP tags in the index to make the comments act as poll options. then you need a plug-in to make that data appear in the sidebar of your main blog.

If your not squeamish about all the hand coding, do you want the hack?


I can do hand-coding, which is what I do to put the polls in sidebars in the first place, but that all sounds awfully complicated to me.

I keep saying I'm gonna leave Typepad. Maybe someday I actually will.

North Dallas Thirty

Ye gods, Democrats and moonbats are eating their own, the $500 pond pump in NDT's backyard just needed some (free) TLC, and handsome straight men are wanting to chain themselves up with me.

I am SO buying a lottery ticket today!


Come on. This stuff is priceless:

"1980 - San Francisco resident Isabel Wade, when asked for her opinion about gay men having sex in Buena Vista Park, was quoted in the San Francisco Examiner as saying, "My feeling is it is probably the safest park in the city. If you scream, you know fifteen guys will pop out of the bushes to help you.""


...and handsome straight men are wanting to chain themselves up with me.

Straight, yes. Handsome is a very strong word.

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