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June 09, 2009



Wait a sec, you're back?!?

Good to "see" you again Robbie!!!


Wait, someone's doing the drugs? I'm shocked. This is me, being shocked. Sullivan has removed the scales from my eyes.


well doing 'shrooms at burning man is certainly...original. what will these darned kids think of next ??


The Burning Man. Sounds like it needs an ointment. I'll never get you city folk.

Curiously, you and Olberman make a similar point. When orientation isn't news, now that'll be news.


I find myself incredibly bored with this non-story. On the bright side, he's not nearly as creepy as Clay Aiken, so there's that. But as much as I love a queeny boy now and then, the cake makeup is a deal-breaker for me, so...next.


.. and he follows up his big coming out announcement with an interview in which he says that, after a couple of drinks, he'll make out with chicks too ! UGH.
you see ? there's no gay orientation.. a little alcohol and maybe some jesus and you can just 'switch' ! thanks a lot, asshole.

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