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August 22, 2005

New "Dolce" Ad: Sweet!


Esquirethumb How appropriate that Esquire's second annual "best-dressed issue" would carry an ad that is generating controversy for what is not being worn: something to fully cover the male models' pubes.

Over a span of four pages, the Dolce & Gabbana hunks wear progressively fewer and fewer articles of clothing until the final page, which showcases four shirtless guys, a couple of whom are showing off their coordination between carpet and curtains.  (The hall of mirrors in which they pose also gives a few glimpses of America's crack epidemic.)

Clearly, Details has given someone an "inqueeriority" complex!

The Malcontent has the (final page of the) ad in all its glory -- without the Texas media prudes' quite-literal figleaf ... after the jump ...

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