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May 12, 2006

UPDATED — Boob on the Tube


Heads up: The Malco-narcissist will again be on the "Gay Blogosphere" feature of "CBS News on Logo," starting this evening (the first hit is 7:57 p.m. EDT, second one is at 10:55 p.m.), and airing randomly throughout the weekend.  For you Manhattanites with Time Warner Cable, it is channel 155.

This time, instead of commenting on the gay news in general, they will be using a few of our recent video clips as fodder for the conversation.

OK, it ain't CNN or TRL (scroll about halfway down), but Jason and Itay are hotter than Carson Daly, so nyah.

Per usual, I will post the video for all to mock, ridicule or use as J/O material.

UPDATE: Here's the video, y'all, in ultra-high-res Malcovision.  Don't blame me if they wanna talk TV and not Mary Cheney.

[Watch video – 3:37, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 3:37, WMV format, low bandwidth]

January 19, 2006

Pontificating and Bloviating


As promised, here is the Logo clip:

[Watch video – 3:43, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 3:43, WMV format, low bandwidth]

Heads Up


Warningsign_2I will be on Logo again this evening to talk about what's new in the Gay Blogosphere, possibly with replays at some point, although I wasn't exactly clear on the replay schedule.

The first airing should be either a few minutes before 8 p.m. EST or a few minutes before 9 p.m.

Normally, they do the Gay Blogosphere segment on Fridays, but their coverage of Sundance will be tomorrow instead.

I was having a horrible hair/face/sleep day/week, but I still cowboyed up for my favorite gay network.  So tune in!

Or, if not, I'm sure we'll post it on MalcoVision.  Seeing how I pimp for every other blogger, I might as well whore for us too.

October 14, 2005

Bright Lights, Big Ego



Andy has done it.  Perez has done it.  And now it's The Malcontent's turn to do the regular "gay blogosphere" segment on "CBS News on Logo."

I will be catching a crosstown ark for a chat with Jason Bellini that begins airing tonight.  If experience is a guide, it will first air a few minutes before 9 p.m. EDT, then again before 1 a.m. EDT and probably throughout the weekend.

Of course, my video-capture capabilities would choose now to go on hiatus.

October 01, 2005

Checking in With Hilton

Malbug_13PerezhiltonPerez does CBS News on Logo.

How he discussed Kathy Griffin's impending divorce without sobbing, I will never know.

[Watch video – 6.2mb, 2:38, WMV format]

August 13, 2005

Back to Reality


We head back to the Apple in a little more than an hour (sob).  It has been a terrific week in Ptown.

And yes, we did indeed go through with it.  No runaway brides here.  (Although you have to admit, if a gawky Georgia woman can make headlines for days on end, the a runaway gay groom would have made a helluva front-page story!)

I hope to post more about how things actually went down in the next day or so.  Until then, thanks for following us to the Cape.


Reconstruction in progress, now with 70% less Ben Wade!
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