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July 29, 2005


V the K

I have to count myself as a dissident on this subject, which I think makes me the only one in the entire gay universe. I don't agree with people being coerced into programs like Exodus, but if an individual makes a persona choice to try and change or deal with their orientation this way, I think they deserve support and not ridicule. We're not supposed to make fun of transsexuals who have their genitilia surgically mutilated into facsimiles of the opposite sex, so why is it okay to make fun of people who want to change or deal with their orientation this way?

The Malcontent

If people truly believe that such therapy can help them, fine, but Zach is there involuntarily, and it sure sounds like he is being brainwashed to anyone who has read his blog.

Individual choice is wonderful, but I think it is exactly the wrong tack for the Christian Right to take in expending so much energy on trying to convince people that they can change (when the evidence does not support it), instead of focusing on embracing people of all sexual orientations as created in God's image and perfect in His eyes.

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