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August 22, 2005



hahahaha..great list!


These were very funny but I do have a few comments

I am a liberal and I don't use any of those.
I recall the GOP as they were bashing Clinton use the Watergate analogy quite a few times.
I recall conservatives claiming elections were rigged when Democrats win close elections.

Henry Kissinger (no liberal) compared Iraq to Vietnam just last week

Teddy Pig

4½ Easy Rules for Being a Good Conservative

1. Every scandal is orchestrated by the liberal media. I never said I would fire Karl Rove.

2 Every protestor is betraying the great cause of those poor dead soldiers. Even if it is his mother.

3. Fiscal Responsibility? States Rights? What's that?

4.A. There were no WMD's, but Iraq is free and that's all that matters. Till we leave the country that is...

4.B. It is not an ongoing war, it's a MISSION "OF FREEDOM" ACCOMPLISHED.

The Malcontent

I thought liberals wanted us OUT of Iraq? You guys make my head spin! ;-)


Not that you're going to remember this in a few years, but the reason us "liberals" are upset with what Bush has done is because we fear the likely, and increasingly evident outcomes.

We feared that he was misleading us about going to war in Iraq, misleading us about whether Saddam had weapons of mass distruction and ties to al Qeida. He was.

We feared that he would leverage his ties to fundamentalist Christians to generate a backlash against civil rights for gays. He has.

We feared that his tax cuts for the ruling class would generate huge budget deficits. They did.

We feared that his economic policies would generate huge trade deficits. They have.

We didn't trust him when his administration said that the war would pay for itself using Iraq oil revenues. It's now costing us over $180 billion and rising.

He says that Iraq will become a stable, friendly democracy. We fear that it will become an unfriendly, unstable, client-state of a nuclear-armed Iran.

God I hope we liberals are wrong on this one, because it sucks when we're right.

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