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August 22, 2005



I think it looks pretty hot! God, I really hope the shaving fad is over...

Teddy Pig

I wanna see this catch on.

But... only for those that have something to show.

Unfortunately like most sexy fads the only guys buying this shit will be old and/or flabby and/or wrinkled much like the type of saggy-breasted women who ended up buying those belly button exposing half shirts and low-slung jeans last summer. Remember having to be exposed to all that flab. Was that emotionally scarring or what?


Arguably, I can totally understand how a little bit of body hair on super-fit male models would be a lot more offensive to Bible-beating folks than say... kids dying for oil in Iraq or the price of gas hitting $3. Priorities, priorities.

Personally, I'd much rather see sexy people looking sexy on pages of magazines than gross pasty people wearing K-mart leftovers at the beach.

But hey. If people want to bitch about pubic hairs shown in a magazine they would have never bought in the first place, I guess that's their prerogative.

As for the flab thing, I'm not... ready to talk about it. *sniff*

Terrence Crick

Love it!! Dolce keep doin your stuff!!

Karen Haake

I love the pubes. I also love shaven. All is good so long as they're fit. Are these ads being shot by Athen Grey? It looks similar to his work: http://www.athengreyimaging.com.


thats gross.. style is one thing.. but half porn half puke worthy material like that should be disbanded


Help!!! I found a dolce gabbana ad/picture of four models on a couch and one with frizzy black hair. I had it saved and I lost it and I NEED TO FIND IT! I cant find it anywhere online..if anyone knows where to look or knows tha tim talking about please email or something! THanks!


When reading GQ and othe magizines that feature D & G, the first thing I look for before reading any article is the D & G ad. I think that the Dolce & Gabbana ads are extremely hot and sexy. However, recently I have seen them toning it down a little...I hope this isn't the case. Fashion is beautiful with clothes and with less clothes!


Who cares. Fader magazine did a spread with Alicia Keys 4 years ago that showed the top of her pubes and nobody batted an eyelid.

Its just hair. As long as I don't see partial SHAFT peaking through.. and its not on a BILLBOARD somewhere and im literally forced to look at it then I couldn't give a fuck less.

Keep on keepin' on.

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