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August 14, 2005



Why is being anti-Irael anti semetic? There is a genocide happening daily every day in Palestine with the large help of American dollars and this is wrong. Race and religion have nothing to do with it. It is zionism pure and simple. I absolutely agree with this women. People of this country have and will again die for Israel...

The Malcontent

"Genocide"? Typical leftist hyperbole.

The political arm of the PLO, Fatah, still calls for the destruction of Israel in its 2002 charter, and it is unclear whether the PLC's vote revoking the clause calling for Israel's destruction is binding. (There is no analogous stance against Arabs or Muslims by the State of Israel.)

To be anti-Israel is to turn one's back on a past that includes real genocide, honey. Given what Israelis face around them every day, I think they have a right to defend themselves.

Teddy Pig

That is one of the few good things to be said about this whole grandstanding non-event in Texas.
It's actually getting the Dem's to take a side Finally! and an opposing one at that.

Ya think they'll actually grow a backbone. Nah, I don't think so either.

The Malcontent

Doesn't appear that Dems plan to make any changes, at least according to John Kerry:

"We have to go out and fight for the real issues that make a difference in the lives of the American people and we don't need some great lurch to the right or lurch to the left or redefinition of the Democratic Party," the Massachusetts Democrat said. "The last thing America needs is a second Republican Party."

That's the kind of creative thinking that have led to huge losses in Congress and decades of futility in presidential elections.

Ho Ono

Exactly what makes you think that being "anti-Israel" is that same as turning "your back on the past?" Furthermore, being against policies of a government does not necessarily make you "anti-that country." That is typical Zionist hyperbole. Whatever may have been endured in the past by any group does not give a nation's government the right to act however they want at some future date. Do you think that it is impossible for the government of Israel to do anything illegal or immoral? Have a look at the list of UN violations that Israel has racked up over the years. Government is made of men, not God.

The Malcontent

Now that you have vented all of that spleen, do you have any indignation left for the REAL terrorists? You can scoff all you want, but Hamas keeps making my arguments for me. Are these the words of a peaceful people?:

"We tell the Zionists who have desecrated our soil that all of Palestine will become a hell. Today you have left the hell of Gaza in shame and you are continuing to occupy Palestine. But we promise you that tomorrow all Palestine will be hell for you, God willing."

And I suppose you mean the same UN that put terrorists and despots on the "Human Rights Commission."

Ho Ono

I asked you to explain you earlier comments. I suppose that you have chosen to ignore that request and you are trying to turn the conversation back to Hamas. I am not defending Hamas nor did I refer to them as "peaceful people." Your inability to seperate Hamas from a discussion of Israel as a nation exposes that your views are based shallowly in Zionist theory. The exsistence of Hamas and terriorist factions does not give Israel a free pass. Until we are able to acknowledge that Israel is fallible and that perhaps our blind financial support of them is slightly misguided, I fear that we will continue to see escalating violence in the world.

However, you characterization of my earlier post as "vent(ing) of spleen, indignation and scoff(ing)" clearly shows me that you will be unable to discuss this rationally.

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