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September 30, 2005



bravo, M.

i've always known that the world is a big, complex, highly varied place. and our community is no different - it's a very very richly complex world in itself.

people like mike rogers and jerry falwell hate that the world is inherently complex, and want to purify it for their own selfish, narrow-minded reasons.

too bad for them that they'll never enjoy the world the way it is. but also, there's no doubt that they'll never succeed in their 'mission' no matter what delusional self-aggrandizements they bathe themselves in, perhaps beyond ruining some people's lives here and there.

but ultimately, God will sort out their ilk.


Glad to see that Chris Crain managed to stand up to the gay-thought-police-wannabes. These people are of course entitled to their opinion, but hopefully they aren't as deluded as to believe that everyone takes them seriously.


Jeff Gannon was not a journalist. He was a whore! Hello! He had no journalistic background but was allowed into the Whitehouse to act as a shill, tossing soft balls at the Press Secretary.

Putting him on any respectable Op-Ed page is like putting a five year old behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler.

The Malcontent

I see, so a Republican suck-ass is not a "journalist," whereas all of the liberals that suck Dem ass are above reproach.

Besides, op-ed pages are not just for the elites that people like you deem a journalist; they are for regular, flyover-type folk too.


I usually agree with you, but not this time. Cain's intent was to be even-handed, but both you and he miss the point. It's one thing to defend Gannon's right to his opinion. It's another to assign the man credibility that he himself has destroyed. As I said at my site,
"I, too, advocate the deliberate and gradual conversation we must have with our sociopolitical opposites in order to try and reach at least an understanding. But to use Gannon as the benchmark is like saying that Pat Robertson represents the majority of Christians--it's simply untrue. He stands with the fringe of his group. There are many gay republicans who do not behave or present themselves as Gannon has, such as the mayor of Plattsburgh, NY, Dan Stewart, who would be much more helpful in developing a meaninful discussion."

I know, I quoted myself. How egoist!

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