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September 07, 2005


Senhor Made In Brazil

Damn... Now with the end of Kathy's show what the hell am I supposed to do on Wednesdays from 10 to 11? Kathy is so freaking funny (and am actually writing this 5 minutes before the show).

I also registered on HBO and sent a little e-mail just in case they are not thinking about renewing Valerie's contract because I really got into the show as I kept watching it every Sunday. I definitely hope they'll bring it back for a second round!


The Comeback is far more like the UK version of the Office than the American version of the Office actually ended up being.

If you ever see a clip of Ricky Gervais playing David Brent, you'll see more than a few similarities to Kudrow's Valerie Cherish. There are drawn out moments of awkwardness, the strange mixture of pity and disdain, a certain deliberate denial of one's station in life, because the truth is just too painful and depressing to face.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised to find out Kudrow based her show around it. If you like The Comeback you should check out the UK version of The Office on DVD. It's one of the best shows to come down the pipe in years.

The Malcontent

I'm a huge fan here.


And that's what I get for having the attention span of a toddler. =)

I actually saw a little clip of his new show on HBO the other night. I had no idea he was doing one. I think I actually squealed.


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