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September 07, 2005



Yes, he better sign it!!!!!!


In my email to him this morning, I mentioned that even pandering-to-special-interests-groups Democrats do the right thing sometimes, and as a gay man who door-knocked and campaigned for him, I hoped that he would sign the bill.

Here's hoping...


F***! He says he'll veto it.


OH NO! IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR PRECIOUS FRIEND IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY LET US DOWN AFTERALL. Was that a big shock to you, Mal? After all, you spend a lot of time on your site ridiculing "The Leftists" and chatting up the Republicans, even in the face of almost DAILY proof that the latter are a bunch of gay bashing, woman hating, arrogant war mongers. But then, you don't really have time to pay attention to that, right? You're too busy confusing Osama bin Laden for Saddam Hussein (as the Bush Plan predicted you would), stating that 5000 people died in the WTC attack (when it was just shy of 3000), and believing that we're in Iraq to "fight terrorism and save the Iraqis), rather than to secure oil interests for Bush and his cronies. AND ALL THIS WHILE BEING A GAY MAN!!! ARE YOU INSANE, OR JUST STUPID?

North Dallas Thirty

Tell me, BAG, what would you say to a candidate who says that, because of the way gays are biologically, they are not worthy of the higher sacraments of the Catholic Church and should be legally deprived of their rights by constitutional amendment?

Well, in 2004, you called him "pro-gay" and "gay-supportive", and sunk several million dollars into promoting views that were previously considered homophobic.

Moreover, "no blood for oil" shrieks sound particularly ironic coming from people who seemingly had no trouble with blood when they were getting paid with Saddam's oil money.

So I guess, BAG, the question is this:

-- Are you against homophobia, or are you in favor of it as long as Democrats are the ones practicing it?

-- Are you against Iraqi bloodshed in all cases, or only if you're not being paid to ignore it?

Once we get that figured out, then we can more precisely address your criticism of Mal.


BayAreaGuy: We pride ourselves here on having a blog where people frequently disagree, but they usually do so civilly. It's kind of a self-policing thing and I prefer to keep it that way.

I don't ban people for having poor manners, but you seem to be lacking them altogether. If you insist on "interacting" with me and our readers in this fashion, you will not be welcome here.

I am leaving for Africa momentarily and don't have time to address any of your garden-variety moonbat ravings, save one:

Your pals in al-Qaeda have indeed murdered more than 5,000 people. That is a conservative estimate. If you think those who were lost on 9/1 were their only victims, you're completely daft. (Well, that you are, regardless of your view on that particular subject.)

At least a couple thousand more people have been killed in al-Qaeda-linked attacks on the London transit system, the Madrid transit system, the USS Cole, Khobar Towers, El Ghriba, Istanbul, Egypt, Amman, Balie, Riyadh and countless other places. It's called "history." Look into it.

I have little time for apologists for the Religion of Peace.


I meant "Bali."


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