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September 29, 2005


Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest)

Malcontent, you go too far when you show that picture with the name Nancy so close to Andrew's . . .

Peter Brinkmann

I have to say that I agree for the most part with your intro statement to Sullivan watch. I find the emphasis that Andrew attaches to certain issues, and the broad conclusions he jumps to, a bit over the top. I am a former Republican, and I consider myself to be a conservative, although lots of conservatives would call me a liberal. I like to think that I call them as I see them also.

I think Andrew had too much invested in the gay marriage issue. I'm totally tolerant of gays and their orientation. But Andrew expects too much of the non-gays if he thinks the marriage issue is going to succeed any time soon. It will take another generation or so before gays marrying will be accepted across the board in America.

And by then, who knows, gays may figure out that there are more important things to care about. Just wait til the divorces start happening, and you get into palimony, and alimony, and child-custody battles.


Oh please, this is so last year. Some of us have been doing Sully Watches for many months.

But no, really, this should be useful—I had given up even reading the guy because I found him so insufferably inconsistent. I'm glad you'll pick up the slack.


It will be interesting to see if you can offer a good conservative critique on Sullivan's writings. On most postings and editorials, he gets it spot on from a conservative standpoint. You can sucessfully critique from a libertarian or Republican perspective, but a conservative critique will be a more difficult task.

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