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September 14, 2005



Isn't she the first person to ever have a baby? That would explain all of the coverage.


I don't follow entertainment news. Who or what is the father and are they living under the same roof?


If Michael Jackson --as screwed up as a gay guy can get-- can have kids, why can't Britt? I know, I know. The child will be largely raised by nannies and surrogates, but it worked for Anderson Cooper, why can't it work for Britt's baby?

We need to get serious about child rearing in America and license parents at the state level --and I'm serious.


I'm still holding a small sliver of hope the words "tubal litigation" will appear in articles about this.

The Malcontent

Is tubal "litigation" what we resort to if she doesn't get a tubal "ligation"? :-)


*slaps forehead*

Did I really write that? Well, yes, I must've.

But hey, if I thought I could sue so she'll never reproduce again, I would =)

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