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October 05, 2005



The best two hours of solid laughter I have had in a VERY long time.


And Mommie Dearest should have been closer to #1 IMHO.

Senhor Made In Brazil

Once again, count on you to get a good clip! But Cher... Come on! And I thought one of the greatest things is that we get to be the target audience for Abercrombie & Fitch.


I did find moments of the show very funny, but they could have at least included a few perspectives from "people of color"

The Malcontent

Yeah, I kind of noticed that, actually. Not bad for this white boy.


Who was the narrator? It sounded like an overenthused Anderson Cooper.


Could this list be more depressingly stereotypical?

The Malcontent

He wasn't quite as adenoidal as Anderson. He does sound like he has done a lot of work on E! or VH1 or something, though. Naggingly familiar. And I loved his delivery.

The Malcontent

Pedro, did you watch it, or do you just base that on the list itself? I thought it was very good-humored. Each segment went way beyond just the headline, and I could tell they knew they were trafficking in some stereotypes for effect.

For instance, the thing about "scaring straight people" had tongue so far in cheek that it was creating a new dimple.


I actually watched this show....well, I kept turning to some special on Howard Huhes and them turned back, so I actually missed the #1 and I must say, that is the most ridiculous notion. Who cares? I would think Madonna actually...I did like, though I question some of the items in the We invented everything. Also, with the exception of Mario Cantone, NONE of these people were funny, or particularly interesting...The Mommier Dearest imitations made that clear.


I'm so happy I got to see Reichen from Amazing Race 4 again. He was part of the "married" gay couple on the show. I use scare quotes only because he dumped his partner's ass the minute fame came a-callin'. He's a dick, but he's a painfully cute dick.

I've never seen Mommie Dearest (I know, kick me out now). Think I'll need to pick it up this weekend. The minute long recap was hilarious.

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