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October 19, 2005



Dear God, for a second, I thought that second half was serious.

Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest)

Robbie, this post is so mean-spirited. It's wrong to make fun of the mentally incapacitated.

North Dallas Thirty

GPW, I'm a little surprised by that comment and tone from you.

I agree with you that Ms. Sheehan is not fit psychologically and should be in the care of a good therapist, not being paraded around by the DNC as some sort of ghoulish trophy. However, "mentally incapacitated" is a very harsh term that I don't think applies here at all. Ms. Sheehan is not incapacitated; she has merely been led to believe that her delusional viewpoints represent reality by hatemongering Democrats like Michael Moore out of some deranged desire to harm George Bush, no matter how many people they use up and destroy along the way.

As a friend, I would suggest that you consider tempering your speech a little bit. The woman is exasperating, but really....you are much better than that.


We should stop publishing what this poor lady says and then she'll go back to obscurity to mourn for her son in private.


I try not to be excessively cruel to Sheehan, as I do maintain some small spark of pity for her.


She is, at the moment, the most visible emblem of a movement in America that reveals itself as rather dangerous when put under scrutiny. It is not mere opposition to the war, which certainly may be principled, but a rejection of all ideas in service to a partisan hatred.

This woman has gone all kinds of Denethor on America. Her son is dead, and she doesn't care whether or not it all burns around her, so certain is she in her despair. Statement after statement on how America is a bad country, not worth dying for, that anything and everything - including openly siding with Stalinists and peddling anti-semitism - is acceptable.

In a nation built on ideas, her's and those she represents are poisonous. She has taken upon herself the burden of being a spokeswoman for the radical fringe, and she deserves persistent, unabashed mocking.

We should, in fact, publish more of her words. Her own words and beliefs do more to damn her and the radical Left than anything else ever could.


Re: "We should, in fact, publish more of her words. Her own words and beliefs do more to damn her and the radical Left than anything else ever could."

I would agree with you on this except that it is another case of preaching to the choir. The thinking people know she has become a caricature...and the people who need to take note of it are in line behind her with placards.

I, for one, would like to hear less of her and her co-conspirators.

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