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October 22, 2005


North Dallas Thirty

Um.....Robbie, while I love your prose and hold no huge love for Peter LaBarbera myself, why on earth are you writing posts strongly against outing on the one hand, then posts insinuating that someone is gay on the other?

We can do better in dealing with Peter by exposing his accusations, not his sex life.

For example:

"It's easy for an adult to say, 'Oh wow, I'm doing the compassionate thing by telling this teenaged boy that he's gay,' but they won't be there when the boy becomes a man and comes down with HIV or hepititis B and C."

Actually, Peter, the gay community as a whole sponsors the largest network of health care and youth resources specifically geared to helping those, both gay and straight, who are either dealing with infection themselves or would like to avoid it. Examples here in Dallas alone include the AIDS Resource Center, Legacy Counseling Center, Youth First Texas -- all of which are fully inclusive for both straight and gay individuals -- and Bryan's House, a home for children with HIV infection and their families. The annual support provided for these groups alone, which tend to literally thousands of people, runs into the millions annually in terms of dollars and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours.

Now, Peter, could you outline for us how much time your organization spends taking care of heterosexual individuals, especially children, who have been infected with HIV through no fault of their own?

(Can you tell I've done this before?) :)


(Can you tell I've done this before?) :)

LOL. I am being a little tongue in cheek. I don't think he's really gay. I simply remember reading his articles just as I was coming out, when I was 18, 19, 20, and they were these in depth pieces on S&M describing things I had never even heard rumors of.

It was so disconsonant to read about these things on an evangelical site, it used to crack me up.


Thanks for posting this. I told several people last night--it was some good news to share.

Mike Rogers

Glad to see you've come around on the whole idea of outing. As your post shows, our only dsagreement is where exactly we draw the line.


Aw, Mikey, you don't know how to read. That's so adorable.

I actually have it on pretty decent authority that LaBarbera isn't gay. Not that I went snooping. His sex life really isn't that fascinating to me.

I have my own. Usually nips that kind of obsessive curiosity in the bud.


The link to the video seems to go to a dead page now, but this one works: http://www.nbc5.com/video/5127132/index.html

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