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October 21, 2005



oh, jeez, give Madge a break...the clip was completely innocuous and 1000x better than the "seriously, I'm suffocating" fiasco. The fact that she isn't a second rate dance in Rochester Hills and has survived these many decades has probably earned her a bit of attitude. In any case, nobody wants their royalty to be just like them. It defeats the purpose.

So she's weird...we don't buy weird, we buy good music. If the music is good, I'll by the CD.

The Malcontent

I looked for a link to the "suffocating" video -- can anyone help?

Paul, Houston TX

She is a pompous bitch - but hasn't she always been one? When she gives away all of her money and lives like everyone else ... then I'll buy into her "materialism is evil" routine ... until then its just her next marketing gimick as far as I'm concerned. O, but I still love to dance to the mUsic mister DJ!


What I wanna know is . . what's up with the big floppy banana curls on either side of her head? Is that supposed to look good? Back in the day, that's what happen when girls couldn't get their feathering right. And I know, because I'm old!


"...the lady has gone more than just a little batshit..." This coming from a guy who is taking a poll on what to name his cartoon goldfish?

The Malcontent

Well, it is, after all, not a real goldfish, so I guess it would have to be faux dementia.


You forgot to bring up her "english" accent! Her and Michael Jackson should go on tour together. Perhaps they could entice the folks from Ripley's Believe it or not to handle the arrangements!


I agree.. she was annoying through this whole interview.


damn you all, I love her...

Gdawg !

Nobody else has such a legacy..you try to sell 200 million albums!

Paolo Colonna

Yeah, she tends to excel at everything she does. Like acting, for example. Sheesh.


Sorry...but i've always hated Madonna...she doesn't have an ounce of talent and yet thinks she's soooooooo important..she makes me sick


Madonna had the coolest shoes on Letterman. Where can I find them???


Madonna & Letterman have a long BDSM history... she's always topping him, and I think it's hilarious. There's a few clips of her performing songs over the years on the show with him acting completely nervous & Madge exploiting that with a sly grin and wink for the audience. That's the context in which we should watch this clip. She's not so bad...

Juan Carlos

Dude the Madonna-Open-the-door-I'm-suffocating video can be seen at this link: http://towleroad.typepad.com/towleroad/2005/05/open_the_door_n.html
She sucks on Letterman because she always tries to outdo him, and it just doesn't work. I wonder how she'd be with Graham Norton. Now the Dame Edna video you posted Matt, I was crying it was so funny....

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Sorry...but i've always hated Madonna...she doesn't have an ounce of talent and yet thinks she's soooooooo important..she makes me sick


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