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October 24, 2005



Nope, nope, no. You got it wrong. The crew was trying to get the slim-and-reduced version of Al Roker into a canoe that rested in about a foot of water... he didn't want to go.

And before Dan Rather, there was former newsreporter John Cameron Swayze strapping on a Timex and standing in the face of a hurricane. Dan just waited 'til the memory of JCS/Timex stunts faded before trying his stunt.


This made my morning when I saw this. On an unrelated note, I recently broke my promise last Sunday to never, ever to go to the "Today Show Plaza."

I was in the Diamond District hungering for a "Doughnut Plant" doughnut. Remembered that Dean&Deluca carries them...and remembering that there is a D&D in the backdrop of the plaza, I made my way to the home of Katie & Matt, Al & Anne.


The Malcontent

I was there probably seven or eight years ago and Matt Lauer shoved the mic in my face and asked who I was and why I was there. The only people who would have seen me would have been those lame podunk stations without local news cut-ins at 25 after the hour.

My debut on The Today Show, however, was being interviewed in 1991 by then-host Joe Garagiola, debate-style. I was a student representing support for the first Persian Gulf War, up against a hippie who wanted Saddam to keep Kuwait.

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