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October 05, 2005


J Indy

If Rudy's the nominee, he's absofriggenlutely got my vote. OTOH, if it's McCain, I see it as a vote against Hildabeast and not for McCain.

An Interested Party

Seeing as how much the fundies control the nominating process, do you really think Rudy has any chance of being the nominee?

The Malcontent

As if I don't hear that question all the time. A guy can dream ...


I think (hope) the fundies had their moment in the sun with Dubya. There are hordes of pissed off conservatives out there, and I'm hoping they wrassle the nomination away from the far right and give it to someone like Guiliani.

The War on Terror is still huge in Republican politics (the Dems, less so), and Rudy's role in 9-11 should carry quite a bit of weight.

Or am I being entirely delusional here?

An Interested Party

You're probably being entirely delusional...if Rove isn't indicted, he'll probably be backing a fundie in 08...can you imagine the trashing he will put on Rudy if he runs? He'll look like the mayor of New Orleans more than the mayor of America before it's all over...

The Malcontent
if Rove isn't indicted, he'll probably be backing a fundie in 08

Not if this article is to be believed. George Allen is not a "fundie." Fairly conservative, yes, but no "fundie."

I always have to smile when I think about what a bete noir Karl Rove has become on the left. You give him a lot more power and credit than any one human is due. To listen to you guys, you'd think he controls the rising and the setting of the sun.

An Interested Party

He is hardly that powerful, but he is certainly one of the most ruthless political assassins to ever come down the pike. Tell me, what do you think he would do to Rudy if he was challenging Allen for the nomination? After all, it is well known what happened to poor John McCain...think Rudy could stand some of the same?

The Malcontent

"Poor John McCain"? You cannot be serious.

An Interested Party

Of course I'm not being serious! Except that I seriously know that Karl Rove will take down anyone who gets in his way, so if he isn't working for Rudy and Rudy runs, he should watch out...

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