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October 24, 2005



I couldn't agree more. After Memnoch, I gave up on her....

Bill Hicks

Yes Anne Rice's books were erotic!

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I'm not sure I agree. I loved Memnoch because most of all because of the infusion of religion. After having it beaten into my head through twelve years of catholic school, I thought her take on religion really humanized it. I'm not particularly religious these days, but as a piece of fiction, I absolutely devoured that book. If you look back she alluded to what was to come in Body Thief. That was when she first introduced her idea of the devil in the scene where David describes seeing him arguing with God in a sidewalk cafe. I thought it was a fascinating take.


I thought the ideas in Memnoch were interesting enough, having been raised Catholic myself. However, that's really when her actual writing began to flag. I found myself skimming page after page because the prose had become boring.

The books that followed suffered similarly. While Rice has always placed emphasis on her historical research, she began going off on tangents that had little or nothing to do with the actual story. As the BratQueen mentions in one of the links, this is the author who stopped the narrative in Armand cold to discuss shipping routes.

Perhaps more unforgiveably, the consistency began to seriously wane as she published more books. First it was from book to book, and then the novels were no longer consistent within themselves.

You should read the BratQueen's (hilarious) take down of a single chapter of Merrick to get a good view of how Rice's writing has degenerated over time. All her later novels have been like this:



I like some of Rice´s works and elegance of purple prose (hooray for purple prose!), but I am not big fan.

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