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October 06, 2005


Downtown Lad

I think this is bogus. Most of the gay rights groups were horrified when this happened. All of the leftie gay blogs wrote about it too. Towelroad, Americablog, etc.

But why do they have to organize a protest? Protests are lame and would accomplish nothing in this case. It probably wouldn't even get press coverage. I think their statements against it were enough.

Besdies - the Bush administration has been utterly silent on this issue.


They could if they wanted to. Easily. They hyperventilate whenever the Catholic Church breathes the wrong way.

But it misses a larger point. Why so silent on Islam in general? Why constantly nit-picking every Christian variant under the sun while not pursuing the religion of peace with the same vigor?

The Malcontent

If this were my post, I would have added a "Sullivan Watch" to it with special kudos attached. But alas ...

Downtown Lad, do you disagree with Sully about TNR too?

The Malcontent

P.S. Boy Robbie's post was extensively sourced with links. Where are your links to this supposed mass outrage on the left? And I mean the gay rights groups that supposedly represent our interests, not bloggers.


Gay bloggers from both the Left and Right, to their great credit, were all over this issue.

It's the silence of the gay rights groups that is so startling. Islam is incomparably more hostile and just plain evil to homosexuals.

During the AIDs crisis, ACT UP activists would go into Catholic Churchs, take communinion, then spit it out or throw it to the floor and stomp on it.

Could you imagine gay rights activists storming a mosque?

I can't either.

And it's very, very curious why that is.


Ah, sorry, Mal. I got the TNR link from your earlier post. I hadn't read Andrew today.

Larry Bernard

I wasn't asking where they were... I know where they are. trying to elect democrats

gay people are dying.. well thats not important to the gay rights movement... unless evil white male republican christians are doing it

Paul, Houston TX

We American queers are so busy fighting our fellow American's for equality under the law and so busy fighting amongst ourselves while struggling just to maintain the veneer of civil rights we've fought hard to achieve thus far ... that we fail to see the larger global gay community and our role in it. How can we expect to foment change on a global scale when we are failing here at home?

Larry Bernard

How can you expect to make changes at home if you are viewed as not having moral fiber by ignoring the brutal tortures and murders of homosexuals around the world?


The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Enemy of the Left is traditional America, incarnate in the White Male Republican Christian. Anyone who hates their enemy is either an actual ally or is always given a pass for bad behavior. So Muslims have automatic victim status, whether they're Sadeq the local cab driver or the murderous mullahs of Tehran. Pathetic.

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