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October 15, 2005



I love your blog. You make me think and make me laugh.


Welcome to Chicago =)


Camping - from the Latin - Sleeping with large sharp rocks sticking up your ass. And being cold. Very cold. And wet.

North Dallas Thirty

Twelve pups...good Lord, she must have been the size of a small condo!

Queer Conservative

Camping: the act of turning your back on the civilization that our ancestors have worked hard to build over the last several millenia.

I know that I'm directly related to the first proto-hominid that said "fuck the outdoors" let's move into one of those caves.

Hurry back Robbie - blogging is no fun without bouncing ideas off you first.


The poor mama dane's stomach was practically on the floor. I have a pic of it around here somewhere.

We actually would have genuinely gone camping, but there was no way it was happening with a White Sox game on the schedule.

Still, nice to get out of town for a day and night. Much fun.

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