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October 21, 2005



to be fair, right wing radio can be just as batshit crazy, but i hear you. the GOP, and certainly this administration, have so many clearly defined areas that deserve criticism, yet all you seem to hear from otherwise rational Democrats is how everything is Bush's fault. In their enraged minds there isn't even a need to formulate a cohesive argument, they honestly feel like "I hate Bush" says it all. but when Bush leaves office, soon, then there will be a giant black hole where there should be a coherent argument for America to absorb on how to change things for the better. then they'll lose again, bitch and moan about how the whole country is full of uptight conservative religious nuts, and retire to their respective coffeehouses to sulk and blame everything on the next guy (even if that guy's name is Mrs. Clinton.) Democrats used to be a loyal opposition party, now they are merely a titular counterpoint to an increasingly GOP-only government. and in no small part this is a result of their long history (barring the outsider exception to the rule: Clinton) of mistaking the sound of a long slow paranoid whine for effective political rhetoric.


Perfectly stated, Aatom.


Yeah, that was actually really well stated, Aatom. The lack of effective opposition in this country is what's screwing things up, not an ascendant GOP.

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