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November 11, 2005



I'll be 35 next July. I'm a little worried about it because I sometimes feel like I have the emotional maturity of a 24 year old. Nevertheless, your post has inspired me to write up my own list of pluses and minues and attach it to my five year plan. Thanks. Now if I could just figure out where MY Mr. Big is hiding.


"One year ago tomorrow, I met my "Mr. Big.""
Congratulations! Have a happy anniversary.

North Dallas Thirty

Happy first anniversary, Mr. and Mr. Malcontent!

Or did one of you keep their maiden name to protect their covert status? :)Come to think of it, what ARE the rules for gay couples changing their names?

Finally, as for "Sex in the City", some of us don't have to be divvyed up into the roles.....we make it obvious rather quickly.

Love, Samantha

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