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November 08, 2005



I really don't get it. I generally agree with your humor. But this show? What is it? I don't think it's at all funny. I watched a couple of the first episodes and didn't get it. On your recommendation, I tuned in again for a couple more. Still don't get. Perhaps, it's too subtle for me.

The Malcontent

You and 296 million other Americans, as it turns out.

I have always chafed at the critics and self-appointed arbiters of culture who bang Americans about the head about what we should be watching, affecting an infuriating attitude of moral superiority. But for the first time, the collective yawn inspired among the public by "Arrested Development," combined with its many Emmys and other awards, is really making me wonder just who is "right."

The Malcontent

An addendum: I inadvertently cut the second half of George Sr.'s presentation to "Startled Straight" from my highlights. (Gotta stay within the realm of "fair use," you know.) The men in his audience become even more interested in the idea of prison, despite George's intentions. Funny stuff ...


This is one of those cases where subjective opinions can indeed be wrong. Arrested Development is empirically funny, and no other show is as intricately constructed, has as unique a voice, or has characters as fully developed or performances as perfectly pitched.

Cases in point, from last night:

1. Tobias challenging George-Michael to have sex with Ann.
2. Tony Hale's reading of the line "Alias is a show about a spy."
3. The big reveal about Charlize Theron's character, which was so funny I don't want to spoil it for anyone who might see the episode in the future. Let's just say it completely validated what had appeared to be some odd choices in Theron's performance.

The Malcontent

I actually called the "big reveal" way back in early September before Theron's episodes even aired. But in case anyone really cares, the link I just provided comes spoiler-laden.


I am always confused when I hear people say they just "don't get" Arrested Development or believe its humor is "too subtle." What?! On its own, AD goes down in television history as one of the smartest, funniest shows. The writing? Brilliant. The cast? Perfect and always spot-on. Compared with the tripe that passes for humor these days, AD is a rare source of wit and humor. Buy the first two seasons on Amazon (bundled together at a discount) and get with it people!

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