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November 15, 2005



The outrage of wardrobe failing to get Matt Lanter into a speedo will not be soon forgotten.

Kevers (aka Queer Conservative)

Matt Lanter is all kinds of hot and stuff.


Matt is a hottie. Having spent much of my life in politics some national mostly state and local. I ruined the first two episodes for my man by say Oh Christ that would never happen. Well now I wait for him to ask or even to say that he found it hard to believe.
I vote for more pool scenes.


I agree about the Speedo blunder. That would have bee sweet. Remember how the bitches on "Manhunt" said Matt was FAT? F**king idiots!


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Oh I love sport and art, is my life..


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The outers in both worlds, despite their protestations, seem motivated exclusively by partisan animus and revenge.

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Yay!! They look awesome. I love how you framed them up. I'll have to do some on paper.

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Incidentally it was on the door side and I was standing right by the door. It took good 5 minutes before we managed to shift bodies enough for doors to open. A lot of fun!

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In real life, however, the man leading the outing crusade is a die-hard, liberal Democrat. So once again, Hollywood is more interested in making Republicans look like evil caricatures than in showing the world as it really is.

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