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November 17, 2005



That was pretty funny but I'm tired of seeing everyone make fun of Scientology. This is getting old. The media keeps bringing out the flaws in Scientology all religion's have flaws...dude, they're all cults that's why i'm not in one.



It might be easier if they weren't, you know, like trying to sue everybody and shut people up all the time. I think it just makes people more suspicious of and antagonistic to them. You know, all about catching more flies with honey than with vinegar?

And you gotta admit that as kooky as a virgin birth might sound to some people, aliens and Xenu and DC-8s and thetans and such are really just off-the-chart batshit.

Mark Hell

Well Tom Cruise is an extremist when it comes to his "new found" faith, he is going to be very upset when people stop seeing his movies and just "ignore" him on the red carpet because he is choosing to act like a sixteen year old that just had her first period.

Mark Hell


I think that was one of the funniest episodes that south park ever aired. Get over yourself Tom, come to terms with your gayness like Mr. Garrison did. he's a better man now for finally admitting it and im sure once you do you will feel better also.


Tom just needs to get a grip. He has only himself to blame for the "rumors" about his being gay. I find it hysterical that he, (and Katie), are the only two that haven't come to terms with his being gay. (The newest bit of Tom info is that he and Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 were caught by Rob's wife having sex. Who know?)

He has all the telltale signs of a closet case. If he wants the rumors to stop, just come out and get it over with. It's not his career will suffer. He can be in the sequel of Brokeback Mountain if one is made.

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