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November 10, 2005



That woman is NUTS!!!!!!!!

Yum Yum

"I am the warrior." She forgot to say "bang bang" before it.


"Upon further review, Margaret has decided to accept the money"

I'll bet. She *needs* that gastric bypass.

God I feel for her family.

This is a prime example of what the religious right are like. Margaret made it easy to see what a religious fanatic is like ... didn't take no fancy editing to spin her for showing the worst case. Yeow!

Miss Hollywood


chi -i

Those poor children! At first I was laughing, until I saw the terror on the children’s faces. How could anyone scream at their family (or strangers for that matter) in such a way? I think that money would have better spent at anger management classes or for her to start her own cult....Please Lord, do not let her be a guest speaker in my church.


Thank you for posting this. That episode last night was classic.

Noisy American


Linda Blair is back. Get the priest!


Thanks so much for posting this. My sis and I loved it...That woman is CRAZY!!!!!

Yum Yum

Most people of faith I know are gentle and friendly. Those lunatics are entertaining to watch, but know that they are few, and only seem to be a lot only because they are vocal.


That poor family. She is crazy and her husband and children are the victims. Hopefully he'll use the $25K to move out with the girls. Seeing their faces was terribly sad. This episode just could be what he needs to get her help.


Thanks for posting this. It was great. I had heard alot about this show and finally got to see some of it. Do you have the part about the dryer demons? Don't know what people are talking about, but I sure would like to see. This woman is nuts!!!! Thanks again for sharing.


I do not own a tv. I only saw this clip.

Damn give her a sedative.

There is no man in the sky sitting in a chair to the right hand of the father judging us all.

HE is nothing more than a glorified sociologial rule book for the weak to fall back on for guidance.

We laugh at those who used to worship the sun, later the rocks.....

They will laugh at her.
Great clip thank you!


this woman is just as bad as a muslim extremist. her take on a suicide bomb--massive farting after gorging (because you know she's done that once or twice--THIS MORNING!!). I have nothing against heavy people but when you are so heavily critical of others, you deserve to be ridiculed. So she doesn't *deal* with non christians? I guess Krispy Kreme and Burger King employees are all worshippers of the cross. Come to think of it, that Burger King mascot looks a little like the J-man...

rod townsend

Well, she makes Pat Robertson look sane.

Um, okay, no, she doesn't. But almost.

cruella _deville

OH MY GOD!!! What a freaking nut bag!! Hello, Christian Right? Here is your next poster child! I thought Christians were supposed to be understanding and tolerant, kind and patient with others, not judgemental and psychotic! Oh, and she CURSED!!! Well, she's going to Hell now for that, so she can give up her Prayer Warrior, God Warrior whatever crap. Oh, and honey, God did NOT want you to eat that other family, as it looks like you did!! This is why domestic shootings should be allowed in some cases. Dad, take the kids and RUN!!!!

The Malcontent

"Dryer demons"? I can't say I remember that part, but maybe it eluded my notice. If you know for sure that it was in part 2 (which I recorded) and not part 1 from the previous week (which I did not), I might be able to find it.


That man needs to divorce that bitch, and take his kids with him while there is still time. She is a control feak from hell, and Christianity is mearly a tool for her. Fuck her, I hope the fat bitch dies. Seriously.

crazy g

she's like carries mom, only way fatter


Holy Shyte!!! That lady is crazy!!! That man needs to take the 50,000 and invest in putting that woman in a mental institution.


Just another fat, lazy, loud, ignorant, intolerant, "Christian" from the Bible belt. A fine example of the American Taliban. She should work in the Whitehouse. Ignorance, prejudice, and fear walk freely there.


Uh huh...God Warrior...sure sure....I'm sure there's someplace in the Bible where Jesus is telling people to get the hell out of his house - wasn't that what he said to the moneychangers at the temple? Geez lady...for a Christian you sure don't emulate any qualities of the God you claim to love and follow.....like tolerance, charity, kindness, helpfulness...and wash your mouth out with soap too!

Peggy Nature

For the record, the fact that this woman is fat has nothing to do with the fact that she's CLEARLY PSYCHOTIC.

I pray that her children and husband escaped unscathed. Holy fucking shit!


There's a bobblehead of Marguerite on eBay- and it talks! Search "Trading Spouses Bobblehead" on eBay.

The Malcontent

Here's the link to eBay that was referenced above. Keep a finger on your speaker volume, though!


The power of cock compelled her, eh?

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