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November 25, 2005



Wow, beautiful. Homo slugs, glowing blue penises entwining to make flowers...that should be our peace symbol. No flying dove, doves can be caught. No: entwined glowing blue phalluses that look like flowers. Make love not war...etc. Beeeauuutiful.

Queer Conservative

Everting male organs, entwining penises? Sounds like a Circuit Party.


I'ma gonna grab my baby right now and do what slugs do! "Hey, Baby! You're SO HOT!!! Lets go slug!".


Umm.... the slugs aren't homo. They're hermaphrodites. I don't even know if they'd HAVE a sexuality to classify, since they fertizilized each other.

But yeah. Hot.


I know that slugs aren't 'homo', and that wasn't my point...it was supposed to lead up to my point. oh well.

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