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November 04, 2005


North Dallas Thirty

I think we need to mass-produce those Homometers.

I can see the ad campaign now...."Are you sure you trust your gaydar? Now there's a scientifically-proven way to determine whether he's just scratching his ass or inviting you in for a visit!"


omg..that is too funny!


I think you meant to describe that guy as an "anti" gay activist?

The Malcontent

You're right -- got it next to his name, but missed it in the preceding graf. Fixed now ...


OMG. I missed that episode. So glad you posted it here so I could pee my pants laughing on my desk chair rather than on the couch.


Ha, too funny - thanks for posting that!


Geez, I peed my pants laughing on my desk chair too! So glad they pay someone around here to clean it up!

Tom Lang

Excellent!!!! We needed this. Thank you.

Tom Lang
Aaron Toleos

M. Douglas Wray

The 'serious' man being interviewed was living PROOF that the anti-gay people are just completely full of s--t. 'If I did a little research' = 'as soon as a fundamnetalist church gins up some BS that LOOKS scientific'.

Make no mistake kids, once they've made same-sex ANYTHING illegal, they'll move on to the next bullet point. 'Public displays of affection' = month in jail, 'inappropriate' clothing = child banned from school permanently, etc, insert passage from Leviticus here.

Worked for the Puritans.

So appropriate on Thanksgiving to remember WHY they came to America in the first place - THEY WERE THROWN OUT OF ENGLAND FOR SEDITION. And now their twisted views of human sexuality have risen again. They'll incite a Civil War if they possibly can. They must be fought resolutely.



You fags are FUNNY!!!
Stop taking yourself so seriously... I mean, why all the fuss about tearing up your ass? Aren't there hemorroid, and incontenence issues later on?
Personally, I think you're all mental. Love another man? Sure, OK. Screwing another man? That's just wrong. It's a morality issue... but, by your nature, I guess that either "doesn't matter," or "doesn't apply."

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