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November 15, 2005



I can even hear the back-up singers in the commercial... "Left. Wing. Moon. Bat." In perfect three-part harmony of course.


What a great story. Even I as a liberal would have put the jerk in his place. Good for you.

I am remember election day 2004 I as outside a precint having a lovely day with my Republican counterpart talking about food, wine, and the joy's of life on a crisp fall day in Pennsylvania. When up comes these Yale students brought into knock on doors in the blue collar neighborhood I was assigned to. They started to berate the retired school teacher I was speaking to peppering her with all these "how could you questions" At first I was going to walk away but I thought no. These little putzes who think they know it all because they go to Yale and are in blue collar land are not going to add venom to this day. I pulled them aside (they were told to look for me for instruction if they needed something to do)I sent them on their way with a manners lecture. At one point a scruffy looking guy came to vote and the cuter of the Yale boys gave him a Kerry flyer and said it was from the union. The guy ripped it up. I just laughed. Cute Yale boy asked what happened and I lectured him on judging people from his ivory tower.
Anyway long story but I really hate people who can not disagree without being disagreeable.
Love the blog even though I differ with you often. Keep it up


Without questioning whether Mr. Left was an asshole, it should be pointed out that what is FAR liklier is not that he was a coward and afraid to face someone who would fight back, but rather that he realized that you were right about the Post Office not being an appropriate forum for his rant. Dick or not, at least he knew good sense and realtively good manners when they verbally smacked him in the face. Kudos on the smack but this is more about manners than politics. And thankfully, I suppose, bad manners are something that people of all political stripes are guilty of.


On the other end of the spectrum, a self-congratulatory little story. During the 2004 election, I was approached on the street by a very perky young woman with Kerry/What's-His-Name literature, who said to me, "Sir, please vote for John Kerry for President." I stopped and looked her full in the face and said, "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that." "Why?", she queried. "Because", says I, "I'm not a citizen of France." She froze and blinked; I departed, smiling.


Thank you, Donald, we're glad to have you! We try to keep even the most political of things at least a little tongue-in-cheek, as opposed to some of the shriller sites out there. And we probably like to have more "fun" than most political sites too. ;-)


We can at least admit that the gravelly, cantankerous voice was funnier than EssEm.


Spoken like a true Frenchman. ;-)


Ah, Tristan, mon vieux, je suis desole!


Donald - College students working on political campaigns . . . I cringe to even think about it.

Brian - Nah. I doubt he would've said anything to me if it had been me and not the older man. His entire body language was screaming intimidation. That wasn't a momentary lapse of sense. That guy had asshole written all over him.

Are Tristan and Essem gettin it on in comments? Ooh, love connection.

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