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November 16, 2005


Kevers (aka Queer Conservative)

I forgot how hot he is. I think I spooed a little...


I saw that while I was at my aunt's house. I sat through the anorexic twins too. It all made up for it at the end though. :P


lol! i wish i knew what u are on about? anorexic twins? im from the UK - guess your programmes are different to ours over here!!


I can not forgive him, hot or not, for his lack of decency with his book about his "relationship" with JFK Jr's wife. It was a foul thing to do after her death when she and JFK could not respond. But he is pretty cute though


Francesca: "The Insider" is one of a huge glut of Hollywood-obsessed "entertainment news" programs we have over here. It was spun off from the more popular "Entertainment Tonight," which has been on the air for about 25 years or so. (It is hosted, incidentally, by Pat O'Brien. If you Google him, you can probably hear some entertaining audiotapes in which he is imploring a woman into cocaine use, threesomes with hookers, etc. This led to Pat's brief sabbatical from the show.)

The only segments on the show last night were, essentially, a long and boring interview with parent-killer Erik Menendez, a feature on two Australian twins who are on the verge of death from anorexia, and the underwear story. Of course, they make you sit through 27 mintues of torture to get to the good stuff! (Do you hear that, Andrew Sullivan? Torture!)


He's not bad for 36, but he's gone way downhill since this:


Aging sucks, and underwear models should probably hang up their jocks at 30.

And I agree with the earlier comment that that cheap book about Carolyn Bessette was a low act by someone who seems to have run out of ideas on how to make an honest and decent living.


Wow, great idea for an ad. Gotta love the ey candy on t.v. these days!


Love this guy ! I linked this post into my blog. Thanks for sharing.

Fausto from the Feast of Fools Podcast

Run to me MIchael! And into my arms. God this guy is SO hot.


Michael is STILL one hot man. I think those who never read his book are just misinformed about what the book was actually about. The media had a frenzy over it only for the fact that it mentioned the relationship with JFK Jr's wife, which was a BAD relationship from the start. Michael opened up in honesty about the relationship, and the media never likes someone else talking about what their "own" vision of camelot is. To those who actually took the time to READ the book, those folks have a totally different outlook on the entire story.

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