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November 30, 2005



I missed this eposide last night... does anyone know when it re-runs???


AJ, I don't know if reruns are scheduled that far in advance, given that it just aired last night, but I'm sure it will be a few months from now.

Yum Yum

Seems basically like porn tome.


When I was watching Nip/Tuck last night all I could think about was how great it was that they were making a show like this in spite of all the advertiser pullouts. It's a great show and I hope that the producers don't end up dumbing it down.


I'm catching up on the show - and have only seen bits of the Carver stuff here and there... so I have no idea who it is... But Kimber drew the same face lines on Christian in Season One when she had him tied to the bed and handcuffed. I probably have no idea what i'm talking about... but I thought I saw a Carver victim with the face that looked like it.

Such a great show.


vindicable instead of vindicated


SPOILER ALERT SPECIFIC TO CHAD (and others): If you don't want to know how Kimber almost certainly can't be the Carver, then stop reading.

On the Nov. 22 episode, Kimber was in her wedding gown at the church, and had been expressing doubts about whether getting married was the right thing, and whether Christian had gotten over Julia. There is a knock at the door, and Kimber calls out, "OK, Sean, I'm ready. (Or words to that effect.) Christian is waiting at the altar with a room full of guests. And waiting.

Finally Sean comes in and takes Christian into the back. Kimber is gone, and scrawled on the mirror in lipstick is, "I Just Can't." (That was when I had my first doubts. I asked my husband if they had thought of making sure it really looked like Kimber's handwriting.)

Flash-forward to the end of this week's episode: Christian is reading a letter from Kimber, the thrust of which is "I'm sorry, goodbye, and don't try to find me." He starts to cry, his face hidden from the fat chick who has come back for more paper-bag action.

Cut to some sort of warehouse. It's dark. Shafts of light break through a slatted elevator door. Kimber is writing the same letter Christian was reading. We begin to see blood on her wedding dress. She finishes the letter as someone comes up the elevator and opens the door. It is, of course, Quentin excuse me, The Carver, and we now can see that Kimber's face has been slashed. She is begging him not to kill her. He takes the letter, thanks her and begins to move on her. Her screams are the least thing we hear before the closing credits.

[That's all from memory.]


That is not Bryce Johnson, sorry.


Then who is it? I IMDB'd the people in the credits, and it sure looked like him (although with less hair).


HOLY CRAP!! (Me and spoilers... I had to read it... I used to do the extras casting on ALIAS and I always warned the fans - DON'T READ SPOILERS!) Wow.

And no way it can be Famke?


i have tried to catch that scene twice and fell asleep both times only to wake up to Dr. McNamara advising the young man to tell his wife. THANK GOODNESS FOR YOU AND ALL THAT YOU DO.

Jack Snyder


It is too Bryce Johnson!


Just watched it. A.J. If you are not already familiar with it, try using torrents to get TV shows you may have missed.
Mal, what was the line you referred to as one of the best lines on TV in all of November? I assume it was the "slipped through the crack" line.
Censor alert! Notice that when Sean was talking to Julia, right after the "crack" line, his next sentence was dubbed. The focus changed to Julia during the "rear-ended" part of the sentence and then went back to his fence for a not-perfect sync of video/audio. You can hear the audio change too. I think his original statement was probably much worse than "rear-ended" and they went back and re-dubbed it to something more tame. At least that's my guess.


Torrent: Yeah, that was the line. But I didn't notice the edit, which I usually pick up on. (Was probably too busy laughing.) I'll have to watch it again.

It's a fine line for me in terms of how long the clips I post are. I do wonder how long it would take to get a cease-n-desist if I started posting entire shows, but for now I want to retain a patina of "fair use."


I hope he is the carver, just to piss you off!


I noticed the dubbing when I watched it tonight in re-runs. Thank God for it, gave me something to wonder about in the scene, distracting me from that idiotic son of Sean's.


Saw it last night... Directv is good something LOL... coming on again tonight


all i know is season finale is called quentin costa and i still think its him, on the season finale the carver sends one of kimbers bloody breast implant and the carver attacks gamma sorority girls. my guess costa or bobolit,ava just because shes a man, carver is male has male phisique, liz is to short and fat to be carver

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Aw, i missed that episode too!



You are so keen of this film!

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all I could think about was how it was they were doing a show like this, despite all-slip advertisers. It's a great show and I hope that producers do not end this race to the bottom.

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