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November 27, 2005



Seeing this...I have not felt this fat since the last time I was at the gay part of Laguna Beach...

Queer Conservative

Thanks Mal,

Just what we all needed after a weekend of overeating. Bitch!


Why, oh WHY, did the photographer take pictures of this adorable man while his hair was styled in that age-old shape straight men put theirs in while shampooing?


It's all lighting I tell you! Lighting!!!

He's actually got a beer gut. I'm telling you!


Someone needs to take a machete on that Faux-hawk. In addition, the "stylist" should be lynched for turning this otherwise beautiful specimen into a parody.


He needs to have a stomach like that to distract from that awful hair.


There has to be some Photoshopping involved. But then I wonder why they wouldn't use it to fix the hair...


Oh, please...like he's ever even seen a donut.


It's amazing what photoshop can do.

Really! Really!!!

Oh, screw it. Thanks for reminding me what a tubby old fag I've become.

PS. I kinda like the hair. It gives him that "I've just been done" look. Hey, we can dream!


As far as the hair goes, David Beckham made that style popular in Europe during the 2002 World Cup. If I'm remembering this correctly, he had his hair like that and dyed red at the time.

Downtown Lad

I dunno, he doesn't do it for me.


I agree with Downtown Lad... he does nothing for me. Who wants a cute guy with an amazingly hot bod? Not me.

I remember being 26... I never looked like that. I hate the bastard... and yet, I love him.

Excuse me... my pants are kinda tight right now... I gotta go.


DL. I'm gonna go ahead and say it....

You're retarded.

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