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November 21, 2005



I meant to ask you if you saw that clip.

BTW, I haven't seen any of the HP films, though I think I need to.


Almost as bad as Anderson Cooper comments on ties is an exchange between Harry and Cedric. With grins, Cedric talks Harry into taking a very special bath in a special tub.


The whole thing reminded me of something I read in a manual at Baptist bible camp. "Beware the looks that linger". If only I'd paid attention.


TGC - Yeah, a reader pointed it out to me. Between us, Mal and I generally catch quite a bit of clips on TV, but we're always grateful if someone fills us in on something good. I'm one of the numerous Potter skeptics turned fanatic. Love the books, love the movies.

Jeff - But the looks that linger are the best kind. They're the only ones that ever mean anything.


Oh, Minty, I meant to ask - Have you read Goblet of Fire? The wand inspection process before the tournament is filthy. I wrote a post about it not too long ago. *searches*



The Noisy American

Somehow I missed all of that when I was reading the books. Hilarious.


Sheesh not everyone on the planet has seen it yet :( we Aussies don't get to until next week. For some reason it is opening a week later here than anywhere else in the world!

Must take them longer to get the film rolls here.

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