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November 24, 2005



So if I were offended by Kwanza or Ramadan, we can toss recognition of that?



(Memo to the religious cuckoos: Like it or not, that is how enlightened people who don't want to offend the world's 4.3 billion non-Christians interact these days.)

No, that's how people capitulate to the liberal demands for political correctness which is nothing more than hiding from truth and reality. Add to that the fact that giving in to the demands of a few who would be pissed off no matter what you say is handing over your right to free speech.
Sorry. Screw PC.


Actually, I just think it's smart business sense on their part. This is simply not a "Christian nation" in the way it was at our founding.

I work in a setting where there are people from many cultures and countries, and I wouldn't dare think of telling them "Merry Christmas," although I would to other people under other settings. It would just be asinine of me, and I don't think I've "capitulated" to anyone politically in my life.

Larry Bernard

Enlightened people who aren't christian can accept that christians are the largest plurality in the world and when in a country where the majority of folks are jesus people they will say merry christmas

Joe M.

I agree with how Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and pretty much every business handles this. There is nothing wrong with Happy Holidays, if you want to be closed minded then go ahead and boycott places that don't use Merry Christmas - it'll be entertaining to watch you have nowhere to shop. Also don't pick on Target, it is probably one of the best corporate citizens out there. Lastly if we are to be under the influence of the plurality and do whatever they think is right then women and African Americans wouldn't be able to vote and the esteemed maker of this site would not be married at this moment. Minorities have rights as well just like the majority or plurality and we have to do our best to acknowledge all of those rights simultaneously (or at least not completely stomp on one groups rights). Later.

The Malcontent

What is so wrong with "Happy Holidays"? When I say it, it is shorthand for what is really in my mind: "Merry Christmas, but if you are not a Christian or offended by overt\ references to the Christian faith, then I hope you are happy and safe at a time of year that is meant to be special for people of all faiths, or none at all."

Isn't it just easier and more polite that way? Why are some people so wedded to tradition or their own faith that they must wear it so aggressively on their sleeves? Either way, whether you say "Merry Christmas," "Happy Hannukah" or "Happy Ramadan," it is all just a pissing contest anyway over whose fairy tale is more interesting.

olivier de serres

Yup. Please don't go the way of England where we are now unable to display in banks the traditional piggy bank for fear of upsetting Muslims. (Interestingly we have never cared to do this for the Jews and they have never complained.) Some multi-cultural cities have tried to replace Xmas with 'Winterval'.
I work in the US for Parsee Indians (therefore of the Zoroastran faith - one of the oldest monotheisms) with strong Hindu tendencies who employ conservative Christians, Muslims, Jews (aetheist or convert) and agnostics, aetheists.... whatever. We celebrate a number of different festivals (I have been given gifts on Valentines some years), or acknowledge the major ones. Despite the culturally Decadant agnosticism of Western Europe religion is an ancient impulse and will not disappear from the world. Religious people generally respect honestly voiced differences so long as they also have the opportunity to do so. If they don't they have no place in a democracy and we have a right to ignore them. Political correctness seems merely the complementary opposite to religious narrow mindedness to me; surely the point is tolerance, simple compassion and a good sense of humor, something both the left and right seem to be lacking right now?


"it is all just a pissing contest anyway over whose fairy tale is more interesting."

There you go. So I don't think I need to pay any more attention to you on this topic, Mal. Other things, yes, but not this one.

Happy Day Which Happens To Fall This Year On November 24th...


It bothers me that culture is being watered down to the point of genericness.

One of very few things about multiculturalism that I enjoy are all the different festivals. Living in a immigrant-rich city like Chicago, it seems like I'm wishing someone a Happy Something or Other every other week. I'm more than happy to do it as well.

The thing with Christmas is, it seems like we have to pretend we don't know why 85% of the country is going shopping and traveling and getting together with their families. It's like speaking in code. "Happy Holidays! *wink wink*" It bothers me when people play with language like that.

If it's around Christmas, say Merry Christmas. Or, hey, since they're around the same time period, "Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah." Then, after Christmas, go for a Happy Kwanzaa or two. I don't think I've ever heard someone say "Happy Ramadan," but if they ever do, I'll smile and return the sentiment.

I don't understand why religion specific holiday greetings offend people. I understand why removing them offends people. Religion in America has come under serious attack by generally hostile, bitter, hateful people who want all of society to conform to their personal sensibilities of what is and is not offensive. Generally, the only way to not offend these people is to scrub culture of religion, culture, and personality.

How insipid and dull. And, ironically, they do it in the name of multiculturalism.

And for the atheists out there, hey, create your own holiday. "Happy Anniversary of Splitting the Atom!" or whatever ya like. I'll return that sentiment, too.

Downtown Lad

Can't we just boycott Target for selling crap stuff?

Dan (AKA GayPatriotWest)

I love Target. If they want to wish me Happy Christmas or Merry Chanuka or Pleasant Holidays or whatever, it's their business (double entendre intended).


The point is not that there is something "wrong" with Happy Holidays, unless there's an active effort to replace Merry Christmas with it just to make a few people feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
The opposition to Wally World and Target is not because they're evil, but because some folks are sick and tired of the active suppression of Christmas by some douchebag liberals.

The way I see it, if Robert Byrd (D,KKK) can say nigger on national TV and liberals can call blacks "Sambo" while tossing Oreos at them with nothing said, then by God I can wish you a merry Christmas if I want to.


Could someone please explain to me why christians are so adamant that their religious faith be validated by some stressed out teenaged temp worker manning a cash register?? Is it really important to your families spiritual traditions that capitalist department stores force their employees to pay lip service to your beliefs? Next the other faiths will jump in and we'll have to have seperate checkout lanes for each religion so no one gets offended by a greeting that doesn't help them feel more cozy in their relationship to their god. Give me a break. True christians could care less.


Well this Lefty Wackadoo needs to pipe in. First, all those "Jesus Christ is Lord" zealots and the athiest/agnostilogians need to shut the hell up! For the love of Zeus people, the world is an awfully cruel place right now, and if some Clearasil Clerk wants to wish you a "Happy Hotlanta" or whatever greeting, than take a lesson from your two mommies and return the salutation with a "Merry Cheney" or whatever you choose. Its called Free Speech people. Freedom, Liberty aint that whats y'all fighten for anyway? Anyone that would penalize a business for an attempt to be polite just proves that their credit limit is higher than their morals. Take a breath America, if your in a mall without a suicide bomber, and that debit swipe just sang "approved" your doing okay, and you have no reason to get all snippy over a holiday greeting. But whadda I know, I'm just a lefty wackadoo.


Is it okay to wish people a "Happy World AIDS Day" at Target?

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