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November 01, 2005



I just wondering "What in their contract requires them to repeatedly shill for an observation deck with probably a less-stellar view than others in the city?" I hope they got promotional bonuses.

Not seeing Al Roker get knocked-down by the wind while on the balcony of the obeservation deck was a bit of a let down. Perhaps that event last week was his jumping of the shark. You just can't beat that.

The Malcontent

His gastric bypass wasn't a shark-jumping?


I walked past the new entrance to the deck in our concourse the other day, and I have to say: pretty damn impressive. the spiral staircase is stunning. haven't been to the top yet, but I'm dying to...

Luis Alberto Barandiaran

It looks absolutely breathtaking! I wish I had the time to go there and take some photos of my own... maybe make an escapade there with my GF... ;)

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