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November 18, 2005



I hope this does lead to a real debate.

Though I think smearing John Murtha is not wise. The man is a hawk, 30 year vet marine and served in Korea and Vietnam. Cheney himself has paid his respects to John Murtha. He is a power within the party and the house and he is a beloved figure in western Pennsylvania. I am from eastern PA and he is much respected here also.

Pissing off him too much could only hurt Republican Santorum. Casey strong in the northeast, Rendell a near god like in the southeast and pissing off Murtha's moderate to conservative base in the south west, plus the liberals that go along with Murtha because he is a democrat. Not good for little Ricky.

But I digress - we need a real (or as real as DC will allow) debate on the future not only of this action in Iraq but America's place in the world as the only true super power and how to fight the terrorism. I think the closest we had recently was the Nuclear weapons (freeze) debate of the late 70's and early 80's before the fall of the Soviet bloc.

Again, love the site and enjoy your humor and thoughtful comments.


I'm hoping that the Republicans keep on the offensive this time. Too often they just let the Democrats get away with this stuff.

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