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December 18, 2005


Jack Malebranche

Yep, that's GAY.

While anyone with a black sense of humor should see Mommie Dearest at least once, I loathe the fact that these films and these commentators represent homosexuality in any way. This is off-the-rack fag culture for dummies. I'll go out on a limb and wager that they skipped Fassbinder's "Querelle" or "Fox and Friends," or anything really interesting and non-flaming. It's kind of funny, actually; "Fox and Friends" presented homosexuality almost as a non-issue decades ago, but we still have everyone creaming their shorts about "Brokeback Mountain," which seems to be another 'sexuality struggle' movie (only with cowboys).

But then, I guess the documentary was about gay film, and not the representation of homosexuality in film, which would be different. If this is representative of what is on this new "Logo" channel (we don't have it in our cable plan), it seems that the channel will quickly become anathema to me. Why do they need a gay channel anyway...they have VH1.


...yes, and even moreso, they have Bravo!

"Christina get out of that bed!"


I saw this on LOGO and was disapointed most of the commentators were queeny fashonistas and/or drag queens, jeez throw in one butch guy and be representative!

Jack Malebranche

I also forgot about E! The gays have E!, too.

Proportionally, the gays have a lot of channels.

More proof that the gay mafia really does exist.

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