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December 15, 2005



Wasn't that last week's South Park?

"Come out of the back room, Tom..."

"I'm not in the back room, Nicole..."


Um, doesn't this count as an attempt at outing? Sure, it's gossipy when you're talking to your friends, but this is a popular, public website. Aren't you guys opposed to outing?


gee i love "what famous person was.." thingies :) dont stop just keem 'em coming!


If it's who I think it is, couldn't hear rearrange things in the room and fix the lighting to make it "look bigger"?


I am not "opposed" to outing. I am opposed to most of the methods used by those who would target non-public figures, such as congressional staff. I am much more comfortable with outing egregious cases like Ed Schrock and Jim West. Some of those (mostly on the right) will disagree with me even here.

I am also not "outing" anybody here. However, in the first case, there was a first-person eyewitness of someone who is clearly not really trying to conceal his sexual identity. And in the second case, there were multiple (although second-hand) reports of the person involved.

I am not sure what I think about outing Hollywood stars, but I do think there is a trade-off in the privacy of highly public figures, which is why there is a different burden of proof in libel cases involving public vs. private figures. One cannot be a famous person at an overtly gay locale and expect the entire world to participate in a conspiracy of silence on your behalf. That is just the way it is.




What was Martha Stewart doing at the Toolbox? Did she mistake it for K-Mart? And was it a good thing?

The second blind item should also include his work on Broadway?


Oh, that just CAN'T be Ty Pennington. Although he looks like he'd have that Enrique problem . . .


who? who? who?
spill it!


Um, setting aside all the wishful thinking, my candidate for Most Likely to be Spotted in the Tool Box tearoom is appearing about fifty times a day on Discovery Channel, not network television. Just saying.

Unfortunately for me, I live two blocks from the TB (that's what we call it), so it's kinda my de facto neighborhood bar. The identities of both these blind item characters should be narrowed down to dumpy or skeevy characters. No one hot would make it out of there alive.


My husband and I call it "the Box," although that does conjure up repellant hetero imagery.


Oh, and my husband has a great Martha story too. I'll have to ask him to guest-blog it sometime.


Will we be getting an answer out of this post Mal?


QC and I are going with Sean Hayes on that second item.

I know nothing about TV designers. Let's go with that guy from Extreme Home Make-Over. He seems cute, from what I've seen during channel surfing.


Chad: Does Page Six reveal their blind items so publicly? :-)


Well, on a related note - I live about two blocks from Crew Club (DC's West Side Club). About a week ago I was walking back from Halo with a friend of mine. As we passed by the Crew Club's entrance we saw a very well dressed man step out and quickly cover his face up with a scarf and hat. But I saw the face long enough to do a doubletake. Apparently my friend noticed the same thing because he blurted out (in a very loud voice) "Was that Ken fucking Mehlman!?!" We turned around quickly and the guy was gone.

Nah, couldn't be... :)



I'm also quite familiar with the Crew Club (from the outside, at any rate), as I also lived about two blocks from it for two years.


Anybody still wondering about Mal's blind item should jump over to Jossip.

What can I say... it's been a slow day @ work :)


And 1.5 inches? HARD?!? Move over, Hedwig. I think the guy has a legitimate legal claim against his parents on that one...


It is amazing how quickly the blind get their sight, isn't it? :-)


He's a grower, not a shower!

Phoebe Buffet

Methinks the actor is none other than our favorite Ross Geller


It can't be Ty from Home Makeovers. Those skinny, wiry, guys always have HUGE dicks.


It's true about the small dicky...and has HIV to boot.

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